Crash Designer – Premiere, Web-Based Crash Diagramming Tool




Crash Designer is the next generation of traffic crash diagramming tools, developed using Microsoft's new Silverlight technology, making it more intuitive than anything else out there. The web-based application has a sleek, simple user interface, making it easy for you to reproduce clean crash scene diagrams that are much clearer than those produced by older crash diagramming tools. Add Crash Designer to your application suite and reap the benefits of increased efficiency and reduced costs.

  • Web-based application. Crash Designer is used completely from your web browser. It requires no client application* and can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection.


  • Intuitive road tool. Creating intersections and roadways has never been easier with the Crash Designer road tool. The tool automatically connects roadways placed by the user without any extra steps.
  • Sketch road tool. Draw any line, curved, zig-zag, slight bend followed by 90 degree angle, and the Sketch road tool will convert it into a functional road piece. Creating diagrams of those strangely engineered intersections and meandering country roads has never been simpler.

  • Bing Maps tool. Search for an intersection in Bing Maps and import the map directly into the diagramming tool with the push of a button. Use the map as a template for your reconstruction or diagram the accident right on the map!


  • Drag & Drop interface. Simply click on an icon in the toolbar and drop it onto the diagram. Place vehicles, trees, animals and more with a few clicks of the mouse.


  • Easy markers. Easily add number markers to objects on the diagram with the push of a button on the toolbar. Describing items in the officer's notes is quick and easy using markers.



  • Templates. Create your personal list of intersection templates and/or use templates loaded by the developer. Save time by dragging and dropping a template on the workspace, eliminating several minutes of intersection construction.

*Requires free Microsoft Silverlight plugins installed on your Internet browser.