"Crash Designer is a great Designer tool"

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Web-based Accident Reconstruction Diagramming Tool


Tired of clunky, dated accident diagramming tools that provide more frustration than functionality?

Well, you’re in the right place. Crash Designer is developed using Microsoft’s new Silverlight technology, making it truly the next generation of crash diagramming tools. Crash Designer has a sleek, simple user interface, allowing users to create clean crash scene reconstructions that are much clearer than those produced by older diagramming tools. In addition, the application utilizes an innovative road building tool that inherently checks each road piece placed on the diagram, connecting them together and rounding edges without any additional steps by the user. Creating a traffic circle or complex intersection has never been easier! This completely web-based tool requires no software client* and can be loaded and used in seconds. Crash Designer is scalable to meet the demands of any law enforcement agency or entity that needs to reconstruct crash scenes. Customization is easy with requests to the developer or use of the Software Development Kit (SDK). Add Crash Designer to your application suite and reap the benefits of increased efficiency and reduced costs.


*Requires free Microsoft Silverlight plugins installed on your Internet browser.


  • Cut costs by replacing your paper-based diagramming system. Eliminate paper consumption, paper pushing, and misfiled or lost diagrams – and the costs associated with all of these – by going digital with Crash Designer. 
  • Save time creating crash diagrams using Crash Designer’s intuitive tools and drag & drop user interface. Why sketch out a pickup truck and label it blue when you can drag & drop one from the toolbox and change its color with the click of a button?
  • Smart tools speed up the diagramming process further, like the road tool that automatically connects intersecting road pieces and rounds corners without any extra steps. Don’t fumble around with clunky crash diagramming tools when you could easily construct a diagram with Crash Desig
    ner’s smart and intuitive tools. 
  • No more scanning or copying paper sketches after you upgrade to this digital crash diagramming application. Just save your file and attach it to your digital report or print and add it to your physical report.
  • Drastically improve accuracy with Bing Maps. One click opens Bing Maps and one click inserts your chosen intersection into the diagramming workspace. It’s quick and easy, and the aerial view helps you reconstruct the accident with greater accuracy.
  • Increase the Value of your eCrash application by integrating Crash Designer. Using the Software Development Kit (SDK), you can add Crash Designer to your eCrash application, replacing your outdated crash diagramming tool or offering one for the first time.

If you would like to view a demo, please click on the following link DEMO